Rui Ying (应睿)

Rui Ying (应睿)

EE undergraduate at Tsinghua University. Incoming CS MS graduate at Stanford University.

💻 Love computer stuff.

  • Compile openssl and curl for Android

    Although Android has already had a lot of helpful utilities for requests, we still need curl where we may integrate some C libraries which use curl. Since we now use SSL everywhere, it is also important to make openssl to work with Android too. Compiling the two popular libraries for Android seems an easy job, but there is not really a tutorial for this or any instruction to look for, hence this article.

  • Use Android NDK with Different Build Systems

    I have been working on an Android app with which I wanted to integrate my previously written C library. It uses GNU autotools to generate Makefiles and build from them. Later on, I also needed a library which uses CMake. This post talks about the way I implement the two C library of different build systems with Android NDK to use them in my app.

  • Four Months in the U.S. Part III

    Besides study, we exchange students were arranged to take part in many events. They were good ways to get to know a foreign country, its culture and people. Since SLC is not an ordinary city, there was plenty of special stuff to do.

  • Four Months in the U.S. Part II

    After settling down in SLC, study became a rather routine part. Courses in the U.S. are certainly different from those in China. From a Chinese student's perspective, students in the University of Utah, or should I say in the States, are somewhat very special.

  • Four Months in the U.S. Part I

    I decided to go on an exchange program in the U.S. last year for a change of mind. Four months in Salt Lake City, a beautiful and quiet place in the state of Utah has really given me something new to feel and think about. Life is completely different and there is much to explore.

  • Hey It's Me

    This is the first article. Refer to `About me` to learn more about myself.